Our History

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The Hook Sub Aqua Club was founded back in 1982 and since then the club has grown from strength to strength through the hard work and dedication of it’s members. Below is an account of how our club was formed by founding member Denny Lawlor;

“In the 60′s and 70′s Fethard and Hook Head was a most popular venue for divers. Inexpensive accommodation in the area and great diving, boat but mostly shore diving brought divers from all over Ireland but mostly from the Dublin area. Such clubs as The Irish, The Curragh and Naas all came to the Hook for their weekends away. Easter and Whit weekend were the most popular and the peninsula became a Mecca for the sport.

Then Shane Gray came on the scene with Ireland’s first Dive school and over the summer months would fill the hotel in Fethard at least once a month with his trainee’s

It all became a bit much for the locals and in the summer of ’82 a bunch of them got together and with a couple of qualified divers from the Irish Sub-aqua club, who lived in the area, and decided to form a local club. A mammoth task starting from scratch and always the fear of failure in the back of ones mind. The title came easy, it could only be ” The Hook Club.”

Most organizations would claim to have started from humble beginnings but not the Hook Club. As news spread of our existence our membership in our first year grew to over fifty members and as many again the next year. And as they say the rest is history. Over the years the club has had its ups and downs but has continued to grow from strength to strength. There were many great battles fought at committee and general meetings to decide on policy, fund raising and how to spend funds. But on the positive side the clubs strength and array of equipment is proof that in general all the right decisions were made by various committee members over the years.

While some of our members fell by the wayside many more took their place and with new trainee’s each year our membership numbers remain constant.

With our club house in Slade and our state of the art equipment the club can now, after almost thirty years in existence, boast of been one of the top clubs in Ireland.

Long may it last.”