The Brandies

The Brandies are a pair of rocks south of the smaller Saltee island. It is a really pretty scenic dive teeming with life with interesting rock formations, gullies and boulder fields. Expect to dive between twenty and thirty metres.

A dive report states “We dropped in close to the rock, which was showing about 2m above the surface, and worked our way down and roughly north. Initially, we found a series of narrow gullies running down from the rocks. These opened out into a rocky slope. The rocks were covered in jewel anemones, dahlia anemones and other anemone species. Near where we dropped in we came across a pair of dozing dogfish, and a number of large spider crabs, edible crabs and other crustaceans. As we worked north, we came to a broad east-west gully in the rocks that allowed the tide through. Here there were hundreds of wrasse of different species, finning about in the current, and a shoal of large sinister-looking pollock hovering downstream. Choosing to stay out of the tide, we turned round to work our way back south and up the rocks (depth was about 25m here) to where we’d dropped down. As we went, we found a lobster and two large crayfish hiding under boulders – they’d sensibly vanished before the next divers went in.”

One thing to note is that there are a couple of large submerged rocks close to the main rock, so take care when picking up and dropping divers. As with the other scenic dives be wary of currents.

An alternative second dive site would be the nearby East Brandy. This apparently doesn’t drop at such a sheer angle as West Brandy, but has the wreck of the Verfradio at 20m.