SS Lenox

More of a second dive really. The boilers are the highest point, about four metres high. Wexford SAC usually puts a marker buoy on it each year. S.S. Lennox is a steamer lying in 10-18m at the back of the Great Saltee. the wreck lies parallel to the Collough Rocks with it’s bow pointing out to sea. This site is suitable for novice divers and is well dived by local club for training and pleasure. Bows broken but small bits still stand. The wreck is well broken up and is mostly covered in kelp making divers wonder if they have actually found it. However, closer examination soon reveals that the wreck is scattered everywhere. The S.S. Lennox was sunk when she was chased by a submarine onto the rocks at the Great Saltee. Built in 1895 by Barclay Curle & Co. Glasgow, she grossed 3,677 tons and measured 107.44 x 13.46 x 7.72m and was powered by a 3 cylinder triple expansion engine. Kilmore Lifeboat rescued the crew of 45. Will come under the 100 year rule in 2016.

Other dives nearby include Makestone Rock and West End.