Three Mile Rock

Also known as “The Big Rock” by locals, this is a rock pinnacle 4 miles from Slade or 7 miles from Fethard Harbour, south-east of Hook Head. The rock does not break the surface and you will need a sounder to locate it and a shot to mark its position. The top of the rock is in approximately 15m and the surrounding seabed is 30 to 35m. The steepest wall seems to be on the South East side of the rock although any side of the rock can be dived. This site is absolutely teeming with fish life with shoals of Pollock, coalfish, mackerel and whiting in season. At the bottom of the wall there are large boulders and gullies with lots of wrasse, conger, dogfish and a John Dory was even spotted!

This is a sports diver dive. There can be a slight current around the rock during half tides but it is nothing serious and the rock can usually be dived at any state of the tide. This is also a popular rock with angling boats. Divers should descend using the shot to the top of the rock and ascend using SMBs.