The Girl Arleen

The Girl Arleen is the wreck of a fishing trawler, which went down in 1995 after the collision with another boat in the fog. The wreck is mostly broken up but the wheelhouse is intact and absolutely teeming with life. The wreck lies in 27m, due east of Baggabaun head and is 4 miles from Slade harbour or 10 miles from Kilmore Quay. The wreck and is normally shotted by local diving clubs. For the 2005 diving season it was marked with a string of 3 small bead shaped floats, which became submerged on a high tide.

The upside down wheelhouse is the most interesting section of the wreck and one can get inside and see the crew’s toilet and sink stuck to the roof! The rest of the wreckage is quite flattened and strewn across the seabed next to the wheelhouse with lots of congers and lobsters hiding underneath. This is a sports diver dive. It can be dived on any state of the tide.

This video of the Girl Arlene was made by Mike Orth with the help of Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club, thank you guys!!!